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The nature of the counselling and psychotherapy service


For most counsellors and psychotherapists, training is not a one-off period and ideally continues for the duration of their

professional lives. As a result, the support offered to clients continues to broaden in its range. Given this I have continued

with studies over the years and therefore have knowledge in the following approaches (forgive a bit of jargon):

Group Dynamics
Transactional Analysis
Behavioural Therapy
Psychodynamic Counselling
Clinical Supervision






My UKCP registration however, was gained by training in Gestalt Therapy and this approach constitutes my main

mode of intervention. What this means in English is that I belong to the school of thought known as the "Humanistic"

therapies, i.e. those based on the belief that therapist and client are equal partners in the venture, not expert and patient.

The therapist's job, therefore, is to strive to be a genuine human being, to understand and feel for the client and to

refrain from judging or directing them.


Interview with Rob Spicer - Psychotherapist

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